Welcome to SinhalaMP3 Beta 0.01

SinhalaMP3 playback software lets you deliver live or pre-recorded audio to an audience of any size. And The Most Powerful Way to Experience Digital Music. Sinhala MP3 Beta 0.01 is now available to download with source code !

  Send Your feedbacks...

  Sinhala MP3 Beta Version 0.01 Released, Download it and send your feedbacks to us...

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  Sinhala MP3 Beta Version 0.02 and Sinhala MP3 mobile player coming soon with more features like super tagins, pack and go, Line in recording, etc.

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Sinhala MP3 Mobile Player Coming Soon

Mobile version of Sinhala MP3 player is now developing by the Sinhala MP3 development team. This player have all "Sinhala MP3 desktop version" features (except CD authoring and CD Ripping) and more additional features like, play-list synchronizer, direct web links to download songs, etc.

Sinhala MP3 Basic Features

10 Band Equalizer with preset, DSP Effects Panel, Burn and Rip CDs, Winamp plug-in support, Support multiple audio file formats, Support visualizations, Highly Customizable Play-list, Variable Equalizer settings, Support skin styles, and much more features...

Install Sinhala Desktop !

  Sinhala Desktop is a freeware Sinhala Windows Shell Replacement. Aim of this project is to develop all the major Windows applications and utilities in Sinhala Language...

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Add more plug-ins to your player...

  Install more plug-ins to your SinhalaMP3 player from the Winamp. Get more visualizations, DSP plug-ins, input plug-ins from the Winamp home page.

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